Together We Can
Build a Better Future

Why I Am Running

July 1, 2023

I never expected to be running for office. I've long been involved in my community and share with many of you a deep desire to contribute what I can. I have, many times, volunteered on political campaigns. But I never in a million years thought that mine would be the name on the ballot.

Especially not here and now. Running against Pierre Poilievre is not a very appealing prospect. But someone has to stand up to him and challenge him for this seat. Given my situation, it is something I can do. 

On the environment, we can't afford to keep kicking the can down the road for future generations to deal with. By taking advantage of solutions that are available to us today, we can make our life better... now and in the future.

Our democracy is under attack and some of the politics we've seen from the Conservatives under Pierre Poilievre are to blame for this. If we don't have a healthy environment and a healthy democracy, how can we have other rights?

We know women's reproductive freedoms are at risk. We also know the fundamental human rights of Indigenous peoples and minorities, including LGBTQ, are in jeopardy. Even though we're a prosperous, advanced nation, we don't always recognize there are people who face challenges that we don't all appreciate.

There are so many good people in Carleton. I meet them every day. And I just don't feel they're represented. Simply put, there's a big disconnect between who we are in Carleton and who represents us in Parliament. I want to fix that.

I know it won't be easy. I am incredibly grateful for the people I have around me, including my wife Donna, our two adult children, and the growing number of people from Carleton who are stepping up to support our campaign to win the next federal election. I am asking you to help grow this support by talking to your neighbours, friends, and family members about our campaign. Please get involved by contacting me to join our team, registering as a Liberal and joining the Victory Fund

Together we can do it.

Happy Canada Day!